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The SJO enables rotational movement between the cable head and the toolstring below while maintaining a constant electrical connection through the tool, allowing the cable to untorque as it is run into the well. This is important particularly when running with a new logging cable or when deploying a toolstring that restricts rotation of the tool.  This will in turn extend the life of a cable and reduce the tendency of a cable to birdcage.

Swivel Joints are available in 1 11/16" and 2 1/8" diameters.  The 2 1/8" is a heavy-duty unit designed for demanding high-load applications. A total of four sets of precision roller and needle bearings ensure that the swivel operates effortlessly under high loads. Tension and compression bearings ensure minimum cable torque under all circumstances and the high temperature and pressure ratings enable deployment in the harshest conditions.

The 1 11/16 in tool is designed for medium-heavy duty use, being equipped with both needle roller bearings to counter bending moments, and thrust bearings for tension and compression.

Product Features
  • Pressure compensated
  • Heavy duty 2 1/8" versions available
  • Short length
Product Applications
  • Running with new cables to eliminate bird caging
  • Running with tool that will not rotate to allow cable to untorque

Swivel Joint
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