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> Scintillation Gamma Ray

The SGR is a compact natural gamma-sensing device used for depth correlation purposes, lithology identification and as part of the core of a production-logging string.

A sensitive, high temperature NaI crystal and reggedised photo-multiplier tube is coupled to connectorised electronics for reliability and ease of servicing.

A combined unit, which couples the SGR to a temperature sensor and casing collar locator is also available in a single unit (GCT – Gamma-CCL-Temp)

The SGR is supplied with Guardian’s MonoPin Bus technology, which is compatible with the low-cost Pocket Production Logging (PPL) suite and has the simplicity of plug ‘n’ play operation.

Product Features
  • Sensitive Nal crystal
  • Simple maintenance
Product Applications
  • Depth control in combination with a CCL in cased hole
  • Identification of different shale properties using spectral gamma signature

Scintillation Gamma Ray
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