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Guardian's patented Select Fire Switch (SFS)TM is designed to allow multiple detonators to be addressed and controlled from surface using our operator-friendly Sentinel software system that automatically identifies the Guardian tools and SFS modules in the string. The firing of each detonator is fully controlled to ensure that the firing power is exactly as per the manufacturers' recommendation. The operator has full control over when each detonator is fired as the perforating panel is incorporated into the control system.

When combined with a standard resistorised detonator the resulting package is classed as radio safe.  A temperature sensor can also be activated using patented breakoff tabs to ensure that a gun cannot be initiated at surface.  The complete system has undergone independent third party assessment to confirm that it meets the stringent requirements of API RP 67 code of practice for safe perforating operations.

Guardian's Sentinel software package controls all the SFS and other Guardian tools in the string ensuring that engineers do not have to switch between multiple systems, thereby minimising delays and confusion during perforating operations.

Product Features
  • Up to 100 switches can be run in a single string
  • Makes 50 ohm dets RF safe when packaged together
  • Temperature sensor disables detonator at surface
  • Patented break off tabs for ease of field use
  • Can run different detonator types in the same string
  • Control all other Guardian tools with the same surface system
  • Combine acquisition, telemetry and perforating panel in one package
  • Complies with API RP 67
Product Applications
  • Multi-zone perforating
  • Plug and Perf operations
  • Enhanced safety for all operations

Select Fire Switch
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