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> Memory Logging Tool

The Memory Logging Tool (MLT) is a digital downhole memory cartridge used to record data from Guardian's Production Logging Tools. The MLT connects via a multi-pin adapter to the upper head of Guardian’s Pressure-Water Hold (PWH) tool or Quartz Pressure Tool (QPT), or via a short Logging Adapter Head (LAH-A) to any other Guardian PL tool. Up to 16 channels of data can be acquired, including up to three flowmeters.

Acquisition Profiles are under complete operator control and sampling up to a maximum rate of 10Hz can be individually set for each tool.

Various battery housings are available to suit operator requirements, from single C cell to double D cell types.

User-friendly software provides a wide range of programming options and the ability to depth shift and plot data for standard report presentations. The memory tool is supplied with all necessary interface modules, cables and software.

Product Features
  • Memory sizes available up to 512Mb available
  • Range of battery sizes available depending on power requirements
Product Applications
  • Memory production logging services run on slickline or coil tubing
  • Can be run under SRO PL string for additional backup in hole

Memory Logging Tool
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