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Guardian's Metal Anomaly Tool (MAT) is designed to detect second strings of casing or cables behind casing that are 1/2" or larger in size.  When run in combination with the Powered Swivel Joint (PSJ) the user has the ability to run a string of multiple guns and orient each one individually.  

This real time downhole measurement ensures that all guns fire with an accuracy of +/- 7 degrees allowing for precise control and verification of perforating events in critical situations.

The control software is part of the Sentinel package that controls all Guardian's Ballistics Delivery System range of perforating tools with a single integrated panel that combines a telemetry panel, shooting panel and acquisition system.

Product Features
  • Detects 1/2 inch cable or second string of casing
  • Orients guns on the same run as the detection of cable
  • Wide range of diameters covered with a single tool
  • Simple user interface removes any doubt of orientation of gun wih respect to the cable, control or casing
  • Fully compatible with the full range of Guardian ballistic Delivery System tools


Product Applications
  • Orient guns away from cables, control line or other strings of casing
  • Orient cutters to face objects behind casing such as control lines etc.
  • Reduce overall number of runs required by running perforating guns on the same run as the detection run
  • Increase gun phasing from zero degrees due to increase confidence of orientation.
  • Orient perforations to decrease sand production and improve productivity

Metal Anomaly Tool
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