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> Instrument Dynamic Controller

Guardian's IDC is designed to prevent the rotation of a tool string that is being orientated, or, to prevent a tractor from rolling backwards when stopped in a hole with greater than 90 degrees deviation. Different Hi-Grip pads/configurations are available to provide resistance against uphole and downhole movement or angular rotation.

The IDC is run into the wellbore above the tractor in the closed position and opened when on depth.  The tool can be opened and closed multiple times while in hole and the anchoring force can be controlled from surface by the engineer. The tool can be run in combination with other Ballistics Delivery System tools and with client specific tools.

Product Features
  • Can be fitted with different profile contact pads for different casing diameters
  • Simple open and close function via Multi Purpose Panel
  • Shear pin overpull release to close arms in case of motor failure
  • Combinable with Guardian power swivel joint to allow clients to orientate guns to any position within the wellbore relative to the low side of the hole 
Product Applications
  • Can be deployed with tractors in wells with deviations of greater than 90 degrees
  • Used to anchor the Guardian Power Swivel Joint for Orientated Perforating
  • Torque anchoring for client specific applications
  • Can be deployed with Guns during Pump Down Operations when the deviation is greater than 90 degrees to prevent Gun roll back.

Instrument Dynamic Controller
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