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> High Speed Telemetry Panel

The High Speed Telemetry Panel (HSTP-C) is specifically designed to be deployed with an existing SDS Warrior surface acquisition system to enable it to acquire data from Guardian Production Logging instruments. The panel is powered by the SDS Tool Interface Panel and provides an RS232/USB signal for input to a PC running the Warrior acquisition software.

The HSTP-M (shown above) is designed to be run without the SDS Warrior surface system as it has its own inputs for depth and tension and an independent tool power supply.  It is still possible to use the warrior acquisition software with the HSPC-M hardware. 

The telemetry decoding is Guardian's proprietary High Speed Telemetry interface (HSTi-l) running at a maximum of 50kbaud and transmitted from downhole by a High Speed Telemetry Cartridge (HSTC-D, M, R).

Product Features
  • Standard 19" Pnael Rack Mount
  • RS232 and USB outputs
  • Fully compatible with Scientific Data Systems / Warrior
Product Applications
  • Interface panel between Scientific Data Systems / Warrior and Guardian telemetry
  • Production Logging

High Speed Telemetry Panel
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