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> High Speed Telemetry Cartridge

The High Speed Telemetry Cartridge (HSTC) is the downhole telemetry tool which takes the individual downhole sensor readings, packages them and transmits them to surface for the Warrior / HSTP surface panel to process.

It communicates with the tool string via Guardian's MPB (MonoPin Bus) tool interface, enabling the deployment of up to 16 MPB-compatible tools, either with or without a pressure gauge. The HSTC is available with a number of optional interfaces to provide RS232 and Down-Hole Signalling (DHS – HSTC-R) capability.

The MMC2 lower head connects directly to a Pressure-Water Holdup tool (PWH) or Quartz Pressure Tool (QPT), or alternatively, using a Logging Adapter Head (LAH-A), to any other MPB tool fitted with GO A heads.

Product Features
  • MonoPin Bus technology allowing the connection of up to 16 sensors
  • Transmits on 40 kft of sweet service cable and up to 25 kft of sour service cable
  • Simplified maintenance
Product Applications
  • Production Logging

High Speed Telemetry Cartridge
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