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> Gamma-CCL-Temperature

The Gamma-CCL-Temperature instrument offers a combined, compact sensor
designed for use both as part of a core production logging tool and for
correlations in perforating, plug setting and other operations. The combined
device provides for simpler rig-up and greater reliability through a reduced
number of mechanical and electronic connections.

The GCT has a high-resolution temperature sensor and is equipped with a new
higher-sensitivity CCL system.

Ease of tool maintenance is afforded by fully connectorised circuit boards and
sensor modules.

Product Features
  • High resolution sensors used thoughout the tool
  • Combined sensors give a shorter, lighter, more cost effective toolstring.
  • Increased tool reliability by using fewer components and tool connections
  • Plug and play connector system ensures simplier maintenance proceedures
Product Applications
  • Accurate depth correlation
  • Shorter toolstring more suited to rig up situations where tool length is a concern
  • Fluid in flows/leaks (Temperature)
  • Perforation flow detection (Temperature)

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