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> Gun Brake System -- Monobore
Guardian's Gun Brake System (GBS) is designed to prevent any movement of the perforating string during perforating operations.  This prevents the gun from being blown uphole during underbalanced perforating operations, and/or protects the weakpoint when larger, heavier guns are being fired. This can prevent breakage of the weakpoint and/or damage to the cable which could result in expensive and time-consuming fishing operations. 
The GBS anchors the gun-string via 3 sets of slips. The tool is run into the wellbore with the slips retracted. Then, once on depth, the tool is motored open and anchored in the casing. During detonation, any shock from the gun (upwards or downwards) is transmitted through the slips to the casing, thereby increasing the anchoring force. 
The tool can be opened and closed as many times as required in the wellbore and the modular nature of the Guardian system means that it can be combined with other tools - e.g. an Addressable Release Tool (ART), Voltage Protection Module (VPM), or Powered Swivel Joint (PSJ).
Product Features
  • Bi-Directional slips for upwards and downwards anchoring
  • Back up shear pin overpull release to close slips
  • Tool is fully set before the guns are fired so that all the energy is efficently transferred to the casing
  • Combinable with other tools to allow optimum tool string configuration
Product Applications
  • To protect the tool, weak-point and cable from perforating shock and damage
  • Suitable for high under-balanced perforating
  • Suitable for hanging off heavy guns to protect the cable head

Gun Brake System -- Monobore
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