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Guardian's range of FCF’s are for use in small diameters, or very high flowrate wells when a fullbore flowmeter (CFF, BFF, FBC, FBF or FFM) is not appropriate.

The tool is fitted with precision bearings to ensure both an industry leading threshold in low flowrate wells as well as impeller stability at high flowrates. These impellers are manufactured from ultra-light but tough corrosion and erosion resistant material to NACE specifications. Unshielded and shielded cages (illustrated) are available in 1 11/16”, 2 1/8” and 3 1/8” diameters.

Product Features
  • Precision bearings for industry leading threshold in low flow rates
  • Interchangeable cage sizes available for differing size wellbores
  • A single electronics module can be used with different cage sizes
Product Applications
  • Measurement of flow in high flowrate wells
  • In wells where there is a risk of debris and damage to fulbore flowmeters
  • In applications where keeping the toolstring length to a minimum is a consideration

Fixed Cage Flowmeter
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