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> Fullbore Calliper Flowmeter

The FBC type flow instrument provides a conventional ‘flat-bladed’ fullbore Flowmeter combined with a dual axis (X-Y) calliper. (See the FBF for a stand-alone flow instrument). The spring cage of the flowmeter provides sufficient centralisation force to eliminate the requirement for a lower centraliser when deployed with a typical production logging string.

The four-arm device is designed to minimise the risk of jamming in side pockets and other well fittings. The instrument is fitted with a high sensitivity impeller which operates in diameters down to 5.8 in (7 in casing). The processing board provides an RS232 data output for the calliper, together with flow pulses and direction for interfacing with a client-specified comms board. On-board temperature compensation ensures an accurate calliper measurement under all conditions.

A novel roller design minimises wear and reduces maintenance costs, whilst optional larger rollers ensure the optimum stand-off from casing.

Product Features
  • Conventional Flat Blades
  • Combines independant X & Y caliper measurements with Fullbore Flowmeter to reduce tool length and cost
  • Large range of ID's can be logged with a single tool
  • Bearing design in rollers reduces friction for better deployment in high deviated wells
  • More accurate flowrate calculation due to well cross sectional area measurement from XY caliper
Product Applications
  • Wells where flow needs to be logged through multiple diameters or where is uncertainty about well ID
  • Rigups where tool length needs to be kept to a minimum
  • High flow rate injection wells where there is a concern about flowmeter being blown closed

Fullbore Calliper Flowmeter
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