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The DELTA logging system is a fully integrated and self-contained well-logging data acquisition system for use with both Guardian’s range of ‘Pocket Production Logging’ (PPL) suite of downhole instruments, as well as a wide range of other industry standard cased and open-hole sensors, including CBL, PNT, MFC and ballistics operations. The system comprises an SDS Tool Interface Panel, a Guardian High Speed Telemetry Panel (HSTP-C), a tool power unit, depth and tension interfaces, thermal log printer and either an IBM PC compatible notebook or rack-mount system machine running the acquisition software. An uninterruptible power Supply (UPS) can also be specified.

Combined with the downhole High Speed Telemetry Cartridge (HSTC), DELTA forms the basis of a powerful, fast and flexible logging system able to perform a wide variety of cased-hole operations.

Data quality is assured with the high-reliability telemetry system, which supports automatic error detection.

The system is available either as a portable unit, comprising two rugged and shock mounted 19” rack cases, or installed in a single 19” in-truck rack. The total space required varies depending on specification but is typically 14U in height.

An integral thermal monochrome printer provides very rapid hard copy output for wellsite QC and

Product Features
  • Compatible with all Guardian tools as well as many others from different suppliers
  • All in one system
  • Portable and rack mounted systems available
Product Applications
  • All Cased Hole logging services

Delta Logging System
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