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> Capacitance Water-Holdup

The Capacitance Water Holdup tool measures the proportion of water to hydrocarbon at a given depth in the wellbore. The CWH offers an individual fluid identification sensor for clients who do not wish to run it in combination with the Pressure sensor as part of the Pressure Water-Holdup instrument (PWH).

Key to the effective measurement of the CWH is the fact that the sensor insulator within the tool is manufactured with a specially developed coating material which effectively eliminates ‘wetting’ of the insulator. ‘Wetting’ causes many tools to indicate a water reading, even when the surrounding fluid is hydrocarbon.

Guardians design philosophy ensures maintenance and o’rings changes can be performed quickly without the need to disconnect or unsolder any wires.

Product Features
  • Special coating on sensor to eliminate fluid "wetting"effect which improves tool response
  • Single sensor tool gives more choice for tool string optimisation
Product Applications
  • To determine the proportion of water to hydrocarbon in the wellbore

Capacitance Water-Holdup
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