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> Roller Centraliser

The CNT has been designed for use with downhole equipment, such as Guardian's Production Logging range of tools which require centralisation in the wellbore.

Powerful, corrosion resistant springs ensure reliable placement of the toolstring, and an innovative closure mechanism ensures minimum overpull when entering a restriction. A novel roller design ensures minimum maintenance and high reliability.

The three-arm device is designed to minimise the risk of jamming in side pockets and other well fittings, and is available with GO A or client-specified heads. A variety of springs with differing rates are available to suit specific applications.

Product Features
  • Novel & unique roller system designed for low maintenance and high reliability
  • Available with client specific connections
Product Applications
  • Centralize toolstring within the wellbore
  • Ensure that toolstring sensors are in optimal position within wellbore

Roller Centraliser
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