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> Calliper Fullbore Flowmeter

The CFF combines a two-axis (X-Y) calliper with a fullbore flowmeter in a single, short logging tool. The spring cage of the flowmeter provides sufficient centralisation force to eliminate the requirement for a lower centraliser when deployed with a typical production logging string.

The four-arm device is fitted with Guardian’s unique ‘Proportional Blade’ technology allowing the spinner blades to rotate whilst the calliper arms close. This enables a range of tubing/casing to be logged using only a single tool. The CFF is fitted with Guardian’s industry standard MonoPin Bus (MPB) system. On-board temperature compensation ensures an accurate calliper measurement under all conditions.

A novel roller design minimises wear and reduces maintenance costs, whilst optional larger rollers ensure the optimum stand-off from casing.

Product Features
  • Combines independant X & Y caliper measurements with Fullbore Flowmeter to reduce tool length and cost
  • Large range of ID's can be logged with a single tool due to unique 'Proportional Blade' design
  • Bearing design in rollers reduces friction for better deployment in high deviated wells
  • More accurate flowrate calculation due to well cross sectional area measurement from XY caliper
Product Applications
  • Wells where flow needs to be logged through multiple diameters or where is uncertainty about well ID
  • Rigups where tool length needs to be kept to a minimum
  • High flow rate injection wells where there is a concern about flowmeter being blown closed

Calliper Fullbore Flowmeter
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