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> Addressable CCL

The Guardian Addressable CCL (ACC) is designed to be addressed and controlled from surface using our operator friendly software system that automatically identifies the Guardian tools and Select Fire Switch (SFS) modules in the string.

The ACC tool offers a combined, compact sensor designed for use as part of a correlation string. The device provides for simpler rig-up and greater reliability through a reduced number of mechanical and electronic connections.

The complete system has undergone independent third party assessment to confirm that it meets the stringent requirements of API RP 67 code of practice for safe perforating operations.

The software package also controls all the other Guardian tools in the string and ensures that engineers do not have to switch between multiple systems. This reduces delays and confusion during perforating operations.

Product Features
  • Can be combined with Guardians Gamma Ray module for the shortest perforating GR/CCL on the market.
  • Powered CCL design gives far cleaner collar detection than traditional unpowered CCL's.
  • Works with Sentinel software package to calculate stop depth for each perforating gun to ensure the guns are not fired off depth.
  • Fully compatible with Guardian's Select Fire Perforating Switch.
Product Applications
  • Perforating operations where depth control is required.
  • Simplify rig up and work flow for field engineer by only having to use a single integrated system

Addressable CCL
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