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25Feb 2015

Guardian announces successful offshore deployment of its patented Select Fire Switch (SFS)

Guardian Global Technologies (Guardian) announced today the successful deployment of its Select Fire Switch (SFS™) technology offshore Trinidad.

Patrick Keenan, Guardian’s Chief Executive Officer, said,

“Since the beginning of the year, Tucker Energy Services has run the Guardian SFS successfully on four jobs offshore Trinidad. In one instance, for a Major Operator, they were able to fire a Titan Jet Cutter through a Welltec 3 1/8” tractor using a combination of Guardian’s Ballistics Delivery System (BDS™) and Select Fire Switch (SFS). This is yet more proof that Guardian technology enables our clients to safely and successfully deploy ballistics devices in difficult environments. We are continuing to develop technologies that will further enhance our Ballistics Delivery System in the future.”

Guardian’s client commented, “We were successful in using Guardian’s SFS. All worked just fine. It’s a proven system.” He added, “Let me thank you for all the support you have provided to our company. It has been tremendous and we greatly appreciate this.”

About Guardian
Guardian, headquartered in the United Kingdom, was established in 2003. With the financial backing of the private equity firm, EPI-V, and the Welsh Government, the company has grown to become the world’s leading manufacturer of Ballistics Delivery Systems (BDS™) for the oil and gas industry.  Guardian provides an integrated ballistics delivery platform encompassing everything from the cablehead to the detonator interface.  BDS allows clients to deliver (and safely retrieve) perforating guns, and other ballistics devices, deployed singly or in combinations of up to 100 units, on-depth, orientated, and safely fired in a configuration optimised for the clients’ operational requirements.

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