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Production Logging tools from Guardian Global Technologies
Gas and oil well logging equipment rental from Guardian Global technologies
> Surface Equipment
(ACP) ART Control Panel    

> Highly portable control panel for addressable release tool (ART)

(MPP) Multi Purpose Panel    

> 19” rack mount panel that controls all Ballistic Delivery System tools
> Incorporates safety key and software dropout functions
> Automatically controls current and voltage levels depending on the tool being used
Automatically calibrates to the cable
> Records all operations and commands for post job review

(VPM) Voltage Protection Module    

> Designed to comply with API RP 67 section 6
> Electrically and Mechanically isolates the detonator from the line
> Can switch between 2 lines in a tool string

> Downhole Tools
(ART) Addresable Release Tools 1 11/16 & 2 1/8    

> Running tools in deviated or horizontal wells where high tensions are probable and it may not be possible to break the mechanical weak point.
> For use in wells where there is a risk that the toolstring could get stuck.
> Below a tractor to give the best chance possible of retrieving the tractor should the passenger toolstring become stuck.

(ART) Addresable Release Tool 2 3/4    

> Traditional mechanical weakpoint can be eliminated allowing higher overpull.
> 3 fail safe systems incorporated into design so that any failure will not result in accidental release.
> Tools available from 1 11/16" to 2 3/4" diameter, with pressure and temperature ratings of up to 475F / 30 kpsi.

(SAT) Shock Absorber    

> Cushions impact from perforating gun and protects string

(SJO) Swivel Joint    

> Ensures that torque does not build up in the cable due to tool rotation

(VSS) Voltage Sensing Switch    

> Isolates shorts in the line after perforating
> Ensures that the tool above can still operate after firing gun



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