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Production Logging tools from Guardian Global Technologies
Production logging tools from Guardian Global technologies
>Downhole Tools
(ART) Mono Conductor Addressable Release Tools    

> Running tools in deviated or horizontal wells where high tensions are probable and it may not be possible to break the mechanical weak point.
> For use in wells where there is a risk that the toolstring could get stuck.
> Below a tractor to give the best chance possible of retrieving the tractor should the passenger toolstring become stuck.

>Fluid Identification
(CWH) Capacitance Water Holdup    

> Determine water hold up fraction of wellbore fluid

(PWH) Pressure Water Holdup tool    

> Combined wellbore Quartz pressure sensor and water holdup sensor

(RFD) Radioactive Fluid Density Tool    

> Measure density of wellbore fluid
> Cesium 137 source for improved statistics

>Pressure Measurement
(PWH) Pressure Water Holdup    

> Combined wellbore Quartz pressure sensor and water holdup sensor

(QPT) Quartz Pressure Tool    

> Industry standard high precision quartz gauge.

>Telemetry and Memory
(DEL) Delta Acquisition System    

> SRO Acquisition System
> Includes power supply, telemetry panel and acquisition software

(HSTC) High Speed Telemetry Cartridge    

> High Speed Telemetry Cartridge providing link between downhole tools and surface
> Includes a cable head voltage measurement

(HSTP) High Speed Telemetry Panel    

> Encodes and decodes telemetry signal from downhole tools and forwards onto acquisition system

(MLT) Memory Logging Tool    

> Records all tool responses to memory for downloading at surface.
> Ideal for slickline operations

>Flow Measurement
Reference Tables    

> Tables and charts to assist in selecting the correct flowmeter for your application.

(BFF) Bowspring Fullbore Flowmeter    

> 5 arm Bowspring Fullbore Flowmeter

(CFF) Calliper Fullbore Flowmeter    

> Fullbore flowmeter with proportional spinner blades and integrated XY Calliper

(CFT) Caliper-Fullbore Temperature    

> Fullbore-Flowmeter and high resolution Temperature Sensor in a single, short tool.

(FBC) Fullbore Calliper Flowmeter    

> Flat blade fullbore flowmeter with integrated XY Calliper in 4 arm rollers
> Does not provide proportional fullbore flowmeter response.

(FCF) Fixed Cage Flowmeter    

> Fixed cage flowmeter
> For wells where debris is a concern
> Avaiable with 1 11/16", 2 1/8" or 3 1/8" cage

(ILF) In-Line Flowmeter    

> In-Line Flowmeter for back up flow measurement
> Available with 1 11/16 or 2 1/8" cage

>Depth Correlation
(GCT) Gamma-CCL-Temperature    

> Gamma, CCL and Temperature sensors incorporated into a single tools giving a reduced length and overall cost
> Gamma and CCL give complimentary depth control curves

(SGR) Scintillation Gamma Ray    

> Gamma sensing device used for depth correlation

>Auxiliary Tools
(CHE) Cable Head    

> A range of e-line cable heads to connect the wireline to the tool string
> Avaiable for various cable sizes and with GO-A or GO-B connections

(CNT) Roller Centraliser    

> This 3 arm roller centraliser is designed to ensure sensors are placed in the centre of the wellbore for optimum measurement accuracy
> Roller design minismises friction allowing deployment into higher deviation wellbores

(KJO) Knuckle Joint    

> Allows sections of the toolstring to decentralise for improved measurment and/or centralisation.
> Available with multiple head types and sizes

(LAH) Logging Adapter Head    

> Multiple logging adapter heads (cross overs) ara available
> Includes SLB, Baker Hughes, Halliburton and Weatherford connections as well as standard GO-A and GO-B connections

(SJO) Swivel Joint    

> Ensures that torque does not build up in the cable due to tool rotation

(XYC) X-Y Calliper    

> Measures the X and Y axis of the well bore allowing a more accurate flowrate to be calculated from the flowmeter data



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