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> Addressable Perforating Switch
(SFS) Select Fire Switch    
> Surface Equipment
(MPP-C) Multi Purpose Panel    

Multi Purpose Panel

> Downhole Tools
(AOT) Accelerometer Orientation Tool    
(ACC) Addressable Casing Collar Locator    

The Guardian Addressable CCL (ACC) is designed to be addressed and controlled from surface using our operator friendly software system that automatically identifies the Guardian tools and Select Fire Switch (SFS) modules in the string.

The ACC tool is a compact powered CCL sensor that has a far higher sensitivity and a reduced noise threshold making the detection of  difficult collars easier.  Designed for use as part of a correlation string and allows a simpler rig-up and greater reliability through a reduced number of mechanical and electronic connections.

The complete system has undergone independent third party assessment to confirm that it meets the stringent requirements of API RP 67 code of practice for safe perforating operations.

The software package also controls all the other Guardian tools in the string and ensures that engineers do not have to switch between multiple systems. This reduces delays and confusion during perforating operations.

(ACT) Addressable Cablehead Tension Tool    

> Can be deployed when tractoring to monitor forces above and/or below the tractor.
> Allows critical decisions on which ART to release when a toolstring is stuck to be made with confidence.
> Suitable for perforating operations.
> Validates tension models.
> Desirable in Pump Down operations giving better understanding of the forces being applied to the Toolstring.

(AGC) Addressable Gamma CCL    
(ART) Addressable Release Tools 2 3/4    
(ART) Addressable Release Tools 1 11/16 & 2 1/8    

> Running tools in deviated or horizontal wells where high tensions are probable and it may not be possible to break the mechanical weak point.
> For use in wells where there is a risk that the toolstring could get stuck
> Below a tractor to give the best chance possible of retrieving the tractor should the passenger toolstring become stuck.

(GBS) Gun Brake System    

> Addressable system allowing unlimited set and unset operations
> Stops gun being blown up hole after perforating

(IDC) Instrument Dynamics Controller    

> Can be used as a ‘Tractor Handbrake’ to allow tractoring in deviations greater than 90 degrees.
> Can operate in a wide range of diameters
> Prevents rotation of lower tools
> Shear pin release for emergency situations

(MAT) Metal Anomaly Tool    
(MRT) Multi Conductor Addressable Release Tools    

> Available in various head types including Baker Hughes, Schlumberger and Weatherford with 10 or 15 feedthrough.
> Available in multiple diameters with various head types.
> Will work on 40k ft of multi conductor cable.
> Incorporates 3 different safety systems including full digital telemetry and minimum well pressure requirement
> Eliminates reliance on mechanical weak point and ensures a clear fish.

(PSJ) Powered Swivel Joint    

> High torque motor can orientate to any angle in the well bore
> Accuracy of ± 2 degrees

(SAT) Shock Absorbers    

> Cushions impact from perforating gun and protects string

(VPM) Voltage Protection Module    

> Designed to comply with API RP 67 section 6
> Electrically and mechanically isolates the detonator from the line
> Can switch between 2 lines in a tool string

(VSS) Voltage Sensing Switch    

> Isolates shorts in the line after perforating
> Ensures tools can still be operated after firing gun

> Mechanical Accessories
(KJO) Knuckle Joints    
(SJO) Swivel Joints    
(CHE) Cable Head    

> Provides the mechanical and electrical connection between the wireline cable and logging tools.
> The weakpoint value can be customised by varying the number of armour wires used.

(LAH) Adapters and Crossovers    

> Electrical and mechanical cross over engineered for minimal length.
> High pressure and temperature ratings.
> NACE specification (MRO175) materials used for wells containing H2S/CO2.



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