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Guardian is committed to the prevention of bribery and corruption and endeavours to conduct all its business with integrity and within the requirements of the Bribery Act 2010. All staff, service providers and other third parties associated with Guardian are required to engage in the highest standards of ethical business behaviour to ensure appropriate and honest corporate decisions and actions are consistently taken.

Guardian does not tolerate, permit, or engage in bribery, corruption or improper payments of any kind in our business dealings, anywhere in the world, both with public officials and within the private sector.

Guardian promotes transparency and insists all staff and associated third parties adhere to the Company's Anti-Bribery Policy and has implemented a rolling programme of risk assessments, business process reviews and awareness training for all staff to reduce any risk of potential non-compliant activity.

The Company's business policies and practices support Guardian adherence to the anti-bribery and corruption legislation and encourage every employee and associated third party to practice and promote ethical and honest business practices at all times.

Any employee found in breach of the associated policies will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including summary dismissal; third parties associated with Guardian who are found to be exposing Guardian to bribery and corruption risk will be investigated and appropriate action taken.

Any concerns or suspicions relating to bribery and corruption should be immediately reported to any Director of the business.

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Training can be performed by Guardian engineers and technicians either during organised training schools or at a client's location.


Technical Manuals
Guardian engineers and technicians understand that the product forms only part of the service which their client's require and we aim simply to provide the best technical documentation in the business.

Our colour operations and maintenance manuals follow a standard format for ease of use, and contain full operational, disassembly/assembly, servicing and trouble-shooting information. To request a particular manual please email :

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